Sustainability and Ethics

I take ethical, responsible and sustainable ideals seriously in my business and my personal life. I am not perfect in this but do try to ensure that I consider the impact that my business creates environmentally, ethically and sustainably.

I use mainly UK and European based suppliers and manufacturers and buy in bulk where possible to reduce delivery miles and packaging.

My packaging is all recyclable and I source as much as I can which is manufactured from recycled materials. I have not yet found a suitable substitute for the foam insert which may be used in some of my gift boxes for protection during shipping but I will keep looking.

I make sure any companies I deal with have sound ethical and environmental credentials.

My highest quality crystals and imitation pearls are sourced from Austria and the Czech Republic from well established and highly respected companies with high ethical and sustainable practices.

The majority of sterling silver components I use are from a UK based supplier who is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council which promotes responsible ethical, human rights, social and environmental practices throughout the jewellery supply chain. I use recycled silver where possible which is equal in quality to unrecycled but with less environmental impact.

The plated components I use are manufactured from brass in Germany then plated and supplied by an Israeli based company who have assured me personally that they follow a sound environmental and manufacturing ethic.

Any ribbons I use are eco-frendly and manufactured in England using yarn made from recycled plastic bottles. The manufacture and use of the recycled yarns promote sustainability and reduces environmental impact through the reduction in waste.