Where are your crystals and pearls from?

The crystals and imitation pearls used in my designs are manufactured in Austria and the Czech Republic. They are recognised worldwide for making products ethically and sustainably of the very highest quality and are widely used in jewellery and fashion. I only purchase these crystals and pearls from authorised suppliers to be certain they are the genuine article and not inferior quality copies.

Do any designs come in different colour crystals or pearls?

Austrian and Czech crystals and pearls have an extensive choice of colours available depending on the shape and size of the crystal or pearl. If you are loooking for any particular colour in one of my designs please get in touch and I will be happy to advise you if that is available. 

What if I don't know which colour to choose? 

Please get in touch with me using the contact form and I will be happy to help. Colours can appear differently depending on the type and size of screen but I may be able to send you a sample colour. There may be a small charge to cover postage costs.

What is CZ or Cubic Zirconia?

Cubic Zirconia or CZ for short are synthetic simulated diamonds. This makes them an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to diamonds. I only use Cubic Zirconia manufactured in Austria or the Czech Republic as their precision cut and brilliance makes them the very finest and most diamond-like available.

Can I make changes to the designs?

Yes, many designs can be altered, for example, chains and necklaces can be made shorter or longer, you may want a mixture of colours of crystals and pearls, a hookwire earring instead of a stud, or a particular shape or size of crystal or pearl to match details from your wedding gown. Please contact me and I will let you know if the particular change you want is possible. 


What is the difference between Sterling Silver and Silver Plated?

Sterling Silver is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% another metal such as copper or zinc. Plating is the process of adding a thin layer of silver onto a base metal such as brass. Rose gold and gold plating are done by the same method. All the plated components I use are nickel free.

What is gold fill?

Gold fill is more economical than solid gold but still has the same desirable properties and look of solid gold. It won’t tarnish and is significantly thicker than regular gold plating making gold fill very durable and long lasting. Gold filled has a distinct layer of gold on a base metal core, usually brass. The gold is then bonded to the surface of the brass using heat and pressure. This is a permanent bond so the gold won’t flake, peel or fall off. By law, the total weight of a gold filled item must contain 5% (or 1/20) of gold. If it contains less than 5%, it cannot legally be called gold filled. 

For hook wire and leverback earrings what does drop length mean?

The drop length measurement is the total length of an earring from where it would sit in a piercing.

What are the other earring measurements? 

The stud size is the measurement of the stud component only.

The width measurement is taken at the widest part of the design.

Can I have a Bespoke Design?

I love working with a bride to create an exclusive piece just for her. You can get in touch through the Contact Page or my Facebook page and we can arrange a phone call or video chat. We can talk through your ideas and vision, style of your wedding gown, colours you may want to incorporate, hairstyle, budget, date of wedding etc. If you are happy to go ahead I will make a sample of the design for you to see and make any adjustments needed. When you are completely happy I will make the final design using the sample as a template. A deposit is usually payable when I start to make the final piece with the balance payable when you have seen the final piece and your bespoke design is ready to be posted.